More About the Art Therapy Program At HARK

Mark Taper and Johnny Mercer Artists Program

At Children's Hospital Los Angeles, bandages, medicines and compassionate clinicians are not the only things relied upon for patients to heal. At the Mark Taper and Johnny Mercer Artists Program, we also use paint, clay, musical instruments and poems to heal the whole child. To do this, we rely on art, dance, drama, music and expressive arts therapies.

By serving the whole child, instead of just their symptoms of illness or injury, we help our patients achieve better health outcomes. Through art and music, we help them alleviate anxiety, provide psychological support and offer creative outlets for self-expression.

Unlike the traditional art and recreation programs found in many hospitals, our artists program is an innovative model that brings together local artists, performers, and teachers with registered and certified Expressive Arts Therapists to meet the diverse needs of our patient population. This multidisciplinary approach offers our patients something beyond diversionary arts and crafts projects. All the while, young participants in the program are nurturing a life-long appreciation for the arts.