Expressive Arts Therapy Program

The CHLA Expressive Arts Therapy Program is a multidisciplinary team, providing art, music, writing, and other creative and expressive experiences to patients and families at the hospital. The program was founded on the belief that the arts can provide opportunities for children and adults to express themselves and find relief. The following services are offered in CHLA’s Family Centered Care Support Services, with special consideration for the multicultural population of the hospital and surrounding community.

Expressive Arts Therapies:

Art Therapy, Music Therapy, and other creative therapies provided in groups and at bedside, facilitate growth and healing with patients and their families. Our therapists are certified by their respective credentialing boards and bring a unique perspective to the hospital’s treatment team. Expressive Arts Therapists collaborate with the hospital’s clinical and medical staff to alleviate pain, to build coping skills, and to facilitate the expression of thoughts and feelings associated with illness and hospitalization.

Visiting Artists and Artists in Residence:

Professional artists, musicians, writers, and teachers carry out classes and workshops designed to provide entertainment and diversion, foster an appreciation for the arts, and build self-esteem through skill mastery. These experiences normalize the medical environment, provide a mentorship relationship with a professional artist, and help families to identify interests and talents in patients and their siblings.

Volunteers and Community Collaborations:

Arts Program volunteers augment our ability to reach patients, siblings, and parents with art supplies, craft projects, musical instruments, and other hands-on experiences. Volunteers interact with patients, assist with events, and facilitate workshops in our extensive range of outpatient areas. We collaborate with local non-profit groups who provide in-house performances, workshops, lessons, and arts experiences.